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— 28 September
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When your friend’s dog listens to you and not to her. I’m starting to get used to that little ball of fur XD
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— 21 September
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I just felt the impulse to draw her! I really like Gwen /u\
Also yay for me because I’m coming from almost 3 months of total “don’t even wanna touch a pencil”, and this came out so easily I almost cried q7q
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— 18 September
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— 06 September
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This was the first animation we made at the workshop this Thursday, and it had to be our name appearing and disappearing. I was afraid I’d end up doing something terrible, but it went better than I was expecting. The only real problem was not having a punch machine for the animation sheets qwq” We had to improvise with a normal hole-puncher but this meant the sheets just wouldn’t stay in the same place on the pegbar, thus the shaky effect :°D We’ll have to correct it for the final video, but here I almost liked it because it gave like the effect of an old film.
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— 05 September
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So this is basically what I’ve been working on all today 8°°°D It’s not the best but I’m satisfied because it was like two years I didn’t animate on paper, and also while I was drawing it I had no way to test the animation to see if it was  actually working or if I needed to add/delete frames, but in the end it worked quite alright. I had to glue my pegbar to the wall and then take pictures of each frame in a very unprofessional way (you can see the last few frames completely out of focus XD), and it wasn’t even complete—the musical notes appearing on the screen of the phone had still to be fixed. The final version hopefully will look better ù7ù;;
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— 20 August
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This was my entry in the Almost Human big bang on Live Journal, for the fan fiction “Door Prizes for the Battered and Broken” by Laguera25!
I’m a little late posting it here, sorry 8°D Anyway, if you like Almost Human you really really need to go reading this fan fiction. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is, and I’m so glad I had the chance to get it in this big bang! Get ready for the angst, but you won’t regret it!
Read it (or download it) HERE.
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— 10 August
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I was bored and I wanted to draw some cute animal.
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— 03 July
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I was hoping so much for this match to happen this year! Now it’s gonna be fun. Also Francis stop freaking the hell out of Lud.
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— 02 July
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My contribution for the collab on ahfancon! (´∀`)ノ
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— 09 June
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badtz asked : AAAhhh per quel meme ti chiedo subito un Furansu con la palette nr4 u )w ù"<3 *PASTEL NIICHAN INTENSIFIES*




(niichan probabilmente è girato a sbirciare il sedere di Tonio)